About | John A. Otte



Dr. Otte grew up in western Michigan, the youngest of five children, he was born into a family of teachers and ministers. He graduated from Calvin College, a Dutch Christian Reformed college known for high academic standards. After graduating, Dr. Otte was accepted into one of the first doctoral clinical psychology programs (Psy.D. degree) certified by the American Psychology Association (APA). His focus in graduate school was on psychoanalytic and family systems theory with a particular interest in the theories of Carl Jung...


Many members of Dr. Otte’s family suffered from the disease of addiction, so, naturally, this became a focus of his therapy. He has always had a private practice specializing in the treatment of depression, addiction, and Bipolar disorder. After 15 years of practice and several personal and family crisis, Dr. Otte began focusing on integrating spirituality in psychotherapy. This was a natural transition for him, given his family history and religious upbringing. However, he will tell you that spirituality is not synonymous with religion and that the introduction of spirituality into his therapeutic practice profoundly changed him as a therapist, and his clinical work...


Besides his private practice, Dr. Otte has maintained part-time clinical work in various settings. He directed an Employee Assistance Program for Texaco in the 90’s, worked at Denver County Jail for several years in the early 2000s, and has worked in several area hospitals performing psychological evaluations. He currently works at Good Samaritan Medical Center half time conducting evaluations...


Dr. Otte brings a warm, irreverent, and compassionate approach to therapy with clients. He will tell you that, even after 35 years, he still loves therapy and continues to learn from the people he works with. Additionally, for the majority of his clinical career, Dr. Otte has offered group psychotherapy alongside traditional, individual work. He continues to provide psychodynamic group therapy for those brave enough to embrace the challenging and powerful modality. Most of all, Dr. Otte is awed by the power of the human spirit and believes that all people, no matter how damaged, can, with a little willingness, be healed and live happy, productive, fulfilling, and healthy lives.