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A novel, effective, therapeutic approach rooted in spirituality.

"If you’re reading this I want to encourage you in your search for a therapist. Making that first call is one of the most difficult and hopeful things you can do about your situation."

My specialty areas are depression and addictions. I’ve been a practicing psychologist for over 35 years and I love the work. My focus in the last few years has shifted to a more spiritual orientation; this is due to working with people who are in recovery, and also relates to my own journey. Spiritual based psychotherapy is not about religion, but about keeping an open mind.

The truth about psychotherapy is that it works; people do get better. I work from a variety of orientations including Family Systems, Jungian theory, CBT, and mindfulness. It’s my job to help you take the energy that impelled you to make that phone call and begin the healing process.

– John A Otte | PsyD

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How do people get well?

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